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Emergency Contact Information

State of Louisiana Emergency Management

Web site --- Phone: (225) 925-7500

Orleans Parish
Web site
Phone: (504) 658-4000

St. Tammany Parish
Web site
Phone: (985) 898-2359

Plaquemines Parish
Web site
Phone: (504) 274-2476

Jefferson Parish
Web site
Phone: 504.349.5360

St. Bernard Parish
Web site
Phone: (504) 278-4268

St. Charles Parish
Web site
Phone: (985) 783-5050

If You Are Stranded
If you are unable to evacuate before the hurricane hits, stay inside. Don't be fooled by the eye of the hurricane and its temporary period of calm weather conditions. The length of time within the eye varies from several minutes to a couple of hours, depending on the size of the storm. Remember, the larger and more intense the hurricane, the larger the eye. Stay away from windows and glass doors. You could be struck by flying debris. Continue to listen to your radio for hurricane updates and emergency information.

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