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State Lawmakers Don't Want To Give Up Tulane Scholarships

State Lawmakers Don't Want To Give Up Tulane Scholarships

Louisiana lawmakers aren't giving up the Tulane University scholarships they get to dole out each year. But they might be willing to tweak who can receive them, in hopes of easing criticism of the program.

Proposals to end legislative awarding of scholarships to the pricey private school have been jettisoned for the regular session.

Lawmakers now are considering adding more transparency — and limits — to the scholarship awards. At least one such bill has advanced out of a House committee, while another is awaiting decision in a Senate committee.

The Tulane scholarship program, which dates back to the 1880s, lets each lawmaker give one student annually a scholarship to the university. The program has been controversial because of concerns the awards can go to the politically-connected and campaign contributors.

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