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Scalise Calls On Obama To Negotiate With Republicans

Scalise Calls On Obama To Negotiate With Republicans

As the partial shutdown of the federal government enters its 9th day, Congressman Steve Scalise is again calling on President Obama to negotiate with Republicans.

"The President for weeks now has refused to negotiate because he thinks a shutdown benefits him politically, which I think is embarrassing that he would take that approach, but that's where he is," Scalise said Wednesday on the Denny Schaffer Show.

Scalise also says it's embarrassing that the families of fallen U.S. troops are currently not receiving death benefits because of the partial government shutdown.

"We're going to bring special legislation to ensure that they get their money for those payments," Scalise said. The $100,000 payments usually are made within three days of a death.

According to the congressman, it's possible the issue over raising the debt ceiling could be resolved before the government reopens.

"We support an increase in the debt ceiling but it has to be tied to reforms that actually get you on a path to balancing your budget so you don't keep raising the debt ceiling," Scalise said.




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