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N.O. Mayor Unveils Proposed 2014 City Budget

N.O. Mayor Unveils Proposed 2014 City Budget

The mayor of New Orleans presented his proposed 2014 city budget to the City Council Tuesday.

Mitch Landrieu's proposing a $500 million spending plan that includes enough money for the NOPD to put more cops on the streets.

"We heard from the community that we need more police officers on the beat. Last year with the leadership of Council President Clarkson we funded two new recruit classes. This year we will go further. We will fully fund five new recruit classes which will train 150 new police officers," Landrieu said.

In prepared remarks, the mayor said the proposed budget protects public safety, increasing the budgets of Police, Fire and EMS.

But Landrieu's proposed budget contains no money to pay for the federal consent decree mandating major reforms and improvements at Orleans Parish Prison.

The mayor also said, "If we are ordered to pay a $17.5 million judgment to the Fire Pension Board, it will have devastating consequences for our budget."

Final approval of the budget is in the hands of the City Council, so changes to it are possible. The City Charter mandates that a balanced budget be approved for the city by December 1.



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