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N.O. Lakefront Airport Terminal Reopens

N.O. Lakefront Airport Terminal Reopens

Devastated by Hurricane Katrina eight years ago, the historic Terminal building at New Orleans Lakefront Airport has now been restored and reopend to the public.

Louis Capo, executive director of the Non-Flood Protection Asset Management Authority, the agency overseeing the project, says the building has been restored to its original classic Art-Deco design.

"When you walk into the front doors and you look into the Atrium, you will see what it looked like in 1934," Capo said.

The original design was hidden beneath a renovation completed in 1964.

"Now, when you look up to the ceiling, you see the beautiful ceiling tile, all the artwork, the murals are on display. There's a real 'Wow' factor when you first walk in those doors," Capo said.

Capo says the building will be open for public tours. Plans call for it to have offices, a restaurant and special events will be held there.


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