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N.O. City Council Passes Food Truck Law Overhaul

N.O. City Council Passes Food Truck Law Overhaul

The New Orleans City Council has approved proposed changes to the city ordinance pertaining to food trucks, increasing the number of food truck permits and the areas of the city where the trucks can operate.

The vote at the Council meeting Thursday was unanimous, 6-0.

Under the proposal, as many as 100 food truck permits could be issued, and a food truck could operate either by permit or by franchise. But food trucks will still be prohibited from operating in the French Quarter.

"Streets are too narrow and the congestion and density too great to permit safe usage of these streets," said Scott Hutcheson, the mayor's advisor on the cultural economy.

Paul Rottner, President of the New Orleans chapter of the Louisiana Restaurant Association (LRA), said during public comment that the proposed ordinance under consideration Thursday is far more comprehensive than the one approved by the council a few months ago.

"We do believe this is a better ordinance provided that the proposed amendments to the placard notice provision and ingress and egress definition provisions are incorporated into the ordinance," Rottner said.



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