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N.O. City Council Gets Update On New Airport Terminal

N.O. City Council Gets Update On New Airport Terminal

The New Orleans City Council got an update Monday on Armstrong International Airport's new $650 million terminal to be built north of the airport's east-west runway.

Iftikhar Ahmad, Director of Aviation at the airport, says the terminal will be paid for with funds from several sources, including passenger facility charges, airport revenue, the FAA's airport fund and the airport's cash reserves.

No money from the city's general fund will be used to pay for construction.

Ahmad says the airport is following a strategy of decreasing costs for airlines in order to attact more air service, and the new terminal will help them do that.

"At the other airports, the trend is that they are getting more expensive for the airlines. And New Orleans' trend is that they're getting cheaper for the airlines, and that's exactly where you want to be," Ahmad said.

Ahmad also talked about special training airport employees will receive next year that's included in the airport's proposed budget for next year.

"We are going to do a "Disney-type" training for all 5,000 employees at the airport," he said.




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