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N.O. City Council Committee Moves "Mow To Own" Forward

N.O. City Council Committee Moves

Although the details still need to be worked out and more discussion is planned, the New Orleans City Council's Community Development Committee voted Wednesday to recommend approval of a proposal to establish a "Mow to Own" program.

As its title suggests, the program would be for the sale of tax adjudicated properties to adjoining property owners who've maintained such properties for at least a year.

"The ordinance would allow the administration to sell adjudicated properties to neighbors who have maintained adjoining properties for at least one year, without having to auction off the property first," says Committee Chairwoman LaToya Cantrell.

No one from the administration was available to talk about the proposal at Wednesday's meeting, but it's expected the council and the administration will be spending the next few weeks working out the details on how "Mow to Own" will be implemented before it goes before the full council for a vote.



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