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Local Leaders Mark Passage Of Flood Insurance Relief Bill

Local Leaders Mark Passage Of Flood Insurance Relief Bill

Local parish leaders were joined by members of Louisiana's congressional delegation Monday to mark the passage of a bill that avoids drastic rate increases in flood insurance.

The bipartisan measure signed by the President last week would cap rate hikes at no more than 18 percent a year would allow rates to be passed along in the sale of a home.

Jefferson Parish President John Young said educating the public was key, and from there, they built a wide-ranging nationwide coalition.

"This shows that Washington can work, but this effort was led by grassroots - by citizens and these states," Young added. "They held their congressmen's feet and their senator's feet to the fire and actually got something done."

St. Tammany Parish President Pat Brister said she was proud to be part of such a strong coalition. "We never slowed down. We didn't stop and say wait a minute, maybe we should do something else - just kept barrelling ahead and we got an act of Congress."

Sen. Mary Landrieu thanked the parish presidents for their work in getting the bill passed. "It took two years of very hard work...to educate people about the damaging and draconian rate increases that were about to hit them."

Congressman Bill Cassidy said, "This is not the final step. There is more to do. This is a great next step."

Young agreed, noting the 18 percent cap is still high, but there is language in the bill that requires and funds an affordability study.


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