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Forecasters Keeping An Eye On The Pearl River

Forecasters Keeping An Eye On The Pearl River

Weather forecasters are keeping an eye on the Pearl River. Recent heavy rainfall north of the river basin has caused the river to rise.

At noon Thursday the river was about 2.5 feet above the 14-foot flood stage at Pearl River but is slowly falling and is expected to continue to fall.

"The Pearl River will continue dropping. We expect it to drop about a half a foot a day for the next three days," says National Weather Service forecaster Gavin Phillips.

However, more rain is expected Sunday night through early Monday which could slow the river's fall. 

Phillips says about 3.5 inches of rain fell in the area late Tuesday and into Wednesday, causing street flooding in the River Gardens area east of Slidell. Rainwater was not able to drain quickly because of the high river level.



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