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Extra Troopers Stay Busy In N.O.

Extra Troopers Stay Busy In N.O.

In the first three weeks of their expanded deployment in New Orleans, state troopers have made 233 arrests, stopped some 1,700 vehicles and taken 13 illegal guns off the streets.

52 state troopers are on assignment in the city through Labor Day.

Superintendent Mike Edmonson says patrols are being conducted throughout the city.

"We're working the Marigny, we're working Bywater, we're working in Carrollton, we're working in different districts...it moves around," Edmonson says.

State police are taking their lead from the NOPD and assisting the department where needed.

"And when people see that uniform, to me it's a deterrent," Edmonson told FOX 8.

"It means that somebody that somebody's not going to do something that's not right.  So I think having that presence here in the city is really where you start."

Meanwhile, residents and businesses in the French Quarter are mulling ideas to encourage voluntary financial contributions to hire off-duty police officers to provide security on Bourbon Street after the troopers leave in early September.

Under one proposal, businesses in the 200 to 700 blocks of Bourbon Street would be asked to contribute about $200 per week to fund the hiring of off-duty officers from noon to 6 a.m.



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