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Darren Sharper Charged With Drugging, Raping Two Women In L.A.

Darren Sharper Charged With Drugging, Raping Two Women In L.A.

Former pro football player Darren Sharper was charged Friday by the Los Angeles District Attorney with drugging and raping two women, one in October, the other last month.

Lawyers for Sharper say their client will be exonerated of the the charges.

In the first incident, Sharper is accused of picking up two woman at a West Hollywood nightclub, who he brought back to his hotel room, giving each a shot. Both women passed out. One says she woke up naked with Sharper sexually assualting her. According to the court motion, the other woman woke up and "interrupted" Sharper.

In the second, Sharper is again accused of picking up two women at a nightclub, bringing them back to his hotel, giving each a shot.  Both allegedly passed out, one woke up hours later believing she had been sexually assaulted.

Deputy District Attorney Stacy Okun-Wise will ask a judge to increase Sharper's bail to $10 million because he's also suspected of raping women in three other states, including Louisiana.

Sharper orignally was to be arraigned Friday, but that hearing was pushed back to February 20 at the request of defense attorneys.

Sharper was arrested in January by LAPD and released on $200,000 bail.

(Information from the Associated Press contributed to this report.)


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