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Coyotes Invade St. John The Baptist Parish

Coyotes Invade St. John The Baptist Parish

St. John the Baptist Parish officials say coyotes are a growing problem and concern across the parish.

Sheriff Mike Tregre says some packs have been seen around East St. John High School, and a pack shows up occasionally around the Belle Terre subdivision.

"I think that they're increasing due to Hurricane Isaac. It ran them out of their natural habitat," Tregre tells 99.5FM.

Vicky Tamplain tells The Times-Picayune that she'd been warned about coyotes in that subdivision, but felt her fenced yard was safe. Then the family's 15-year-old Maltese dog went missing. She found his mangled body outside the fence. Tamplain says rain had left the ground soggy. She thinks a coyote must have dug under the fence and grabbed the dog, which often sniffed along the fence line.

Tregre says he believes the solution to getting rid of the coyotes, based on his consultations with other law enforcement agencies, is to trap them instead of shooting them.

He says parish officials have had discussions about hiring professional trappers to take care of the problem.

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